“I’m not going to spend any money today,” I say to myself. “I’m not going to spend any money today,” I repeat in front of my husband, pretending like I’m not passive aggressively also reminding him not to, either. “I’m not going to spend any money today,” I remind my kids, in an attempt to ward off the inevitable “but please please please please please I might die if I don’t get this super tiny ridiculous doll thing that I will lose by tomorrow morning and then you will step on in the middle of the night PLEEEEEASE” before 8 a.m. NO MONEY.

And I don’t! All day!

And then we get to piano lessons and there is a piano book from The Greatest Showman and like I am the kind of mom who encourages her children’s creativity and I am also the kind of person who supports my local music store because they are really holding this country together by the violin strings and so I say yes.

And it turns out it’s $19.07 and holy shit that is too much money! But I’ve already said yes and we’re already in line and I am supporting creativity and the local music store, I am supporting the arts, for fuck’s sake, and Sonya took it and sang all the words to all the songs and maybe she and Viv will do a duet for the next recital and well that makes me tear up, so, I mean, I’d rather have paid $8.99, but I guess it’s okay.

It’s 7:02, a new day. I’m not going to spend any money today.

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