I will never be FI

Him: “My grandma’s in the hospital.”
Me: “Oh no! Is she okay?”
Him: “Yes, she’s got bronchitis and an ulcer, she should be okay.”
Me: “…”
Him: “…”
Me: “…”
Him: “…so I know we don’t have any extra money.”
Me: “Stop it. We have enough money to pay for your grandmother’s hospital bills, for fuck’s sake. I just spent $20 on a book of piano music. We can find the money to make sure your grandma is okay. … … … How much?”
Him: “Do you think we can put $275 into their account?”
Me: “I’ll do it tomorrow.”

Today I hate the FI movement for the “anybody can do this, anybody!” message that permeates, and the flip side message of “if you aren’t doing it, it’s because you’re a fuckup that makes bad choices.”

Today I hate the FI movement for making me think first about money and second (it’s a close second, it’s a close second! But it’s second) about my husband’s beloved grandmother’s health.

Today I hate the FI movement because we do so many kind and generous things with our money and instead of feeling kind and generous, I have a pit in my stomach, we are foolish, we are spendthrifts, we are never going to be able to make it work.

I guess today is more of a “Fitin” than “Freedom” kind of day.

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