I just got a check for $649.55 from one of my freelance companies. Just in time! It’s always just in time. Bah, I can’t wait until we have paid off some of these loans so that I don’t feel so entirely dependent on these checks. Freelance company #2 just closed out January, my check from them (it always comes around the 12th) should be $2210, if I counted right.

Good thing, because car insurance is due this month, and I’m going to start to put aside for Disney if I can, oh and Sonya’s birthday and we have to pay for this big gymnastics meet at a water park.

If I can make this month and next month work, we’ll have two more smallish bills paid off, and have a couple hundred more dollars of breathing room each month. Two months after that, a couple hundred more. One foot in front of the other.

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