ENW February 2019: $-6,000

*******Edit******* I am editing this post because I think it’s not realistic to not include the student loan debt. So while it originally said my net worth was $94K (and I made some mistakes with that, too), I think it’s more realistic to start at $-6K. I haven’t edited the original text below except where I note that it’s an edit **************************

It’s the start of the month. I’m going to try to check in with my approximate net worth at the start of every month, because everybody loves that, right?

So as of two minutes ago, Mint thinks that my net worth is: $31,654.51. I transferred about $1500 from Huntington to USAA yesterday, and Huntington still thinks it has it and USAA already thinks it has it, so that is closer to $30K.

Here’s what Mint doesn’t know: I never intend to pay off the $70K of student loans I have (4.5 years until PSLF kicks in), and possibly not the additional $30K that my husband has (an additional 2 years beyond mine, I think, if he stays at his current job). So I have $100K more than it thinks.

Also, I don’t know what my husband’s retirement account has in it, but probably $30K. Good God, I’m rich!

Except Mint also doesn’t know about $25K or so in home improvement loans, $8K in (cough cough I’m so ashamed) no-interest credit card debt, $2K in brain surgery debt, and $600 or so on the lawn mower. So, let’s say $36K.

I “have” 100K more than it thinks, I owe 36K more than it thinks.

Approximate net worth, February 2019: $94,000. ****Edit**** I have changed this to $-6,000. Carry on!****

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