Credit score

I got a new Barclaycard Arrival Plus card because I’m dabbling in travel hacking (and by “dabbling” I mean “everybody I talk to hears about it at great lengths until they say, ‘really, this is super interesting, I’d love to hear more, but…uh…I forgot I have an appointment to get to.'”), and when I signed in, I saw my credit score. I see my credit score basically every day when I check in to Mint, but this was apparently one of the other three institutions. My Mint score hovers around 775, which is okay but not like perfect, which is what I want (what everybody wants?). The travel hacking (let me tell you about my free trip to Ukraine! I’m going to go to Disney World for free! LET ME HELP YOU DO THIS TOO PLEASE PLEASE IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE…oh, okay, sure, shoot me an e-mail when you get back from your appointment!) has brought my score down over the past couple of years, because I keep opening accounts. Whatever.

ANYWHO, check out the Barclaycard score:

Too bad I’m about to open a ton more accounts to get a ton more free stuff, and too bad I’m not applying for any loans anytime soon because I have a house and I have a car and I don’t need any more debt.

My FI mistakes: everything, every day, everywhere I look. My FI achievements: 839! 839! 839!

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