March might suck.

I have a pretty good setup with Freelance company #2, a small-ish publishing company. They send me a new job every 2-4 weeks (with a deadline of 2 weeks), and typically, I invoice them for between $400 and $1500 per job, depending (average is probably about $650).

The job I’m working on now has 62 pages of huge font and I think, total, I’m going to end up billing them for about $60. In theory, this means I have more time to work on jobs from Freelance company #1, but in practice, it means I’ve been running around, taking kids and in-law to the doctor, playing extra Frisbee with the nutjob puppy, writing blog posts, and not making up the income.

Do we need this money? I mean, no, I can find ways to make it up, nobody’s going to starve. Do we need this money? I mean, yes, I’m scheduled to pay off another $250 in recurring loans in March and I want them GONE.

My birthday is in March. Maybe somebody will give me $600 as a present?

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