Cheap trick Friday: reusable Keurig cups

I drink…a lot of coffee. Like a lot. Like the dentist is dismayed at the discoloration of my teeth, but you know what I’m dismayed at? A morning without enough coffee in it.

Two years ago, my husband bought me a Keurig for Christmas which made me mad because we aren’t made of money and what am I, too good for brewing a pot of regular coffee? But also I was instantly addicted. I intended to switch to reusable cups ASAP but then, ASAP, I got diagnosed with a huge brain tumor while I had a freaking newborn baby, so, since I had more important things to worry about, it took me awhile to switch.

I switched mostly because I wanted to use less trash. But, holy mackerel. The cheapest K cups I could find on Amazon and Walmart were $.40-$.50 a cup, which ends up being…well, probably $60 a month, if I’m being honest.

I bought one from the grocery store, no particular brand. It seemed like maybe it would be complicated, but it isn’t. I scoop some ground coffee beans into it, close it, and put it in the Keurig. Viv, who is 5, does it for me sometimes. Here’s what the one I bought looks like:

Except mine is red.

Even with all the coffee I spill when I’m too desperate for a fix to carefully spoon it into the cup, I spend about $10 per month on coffee, and the coffee is the same.

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