Cheap trick Friday: free shipping at Kohl’s

I hate paying for shipping. I mean, I should be grateful that somebody is managing to pick up my thing for me and somebody else is taking it to my door, but I hate it.

Kohl’s is a store that I try to hack as much as possible, because they have so many coupons and store cash that sometimes, you can get shit for free or almost free. Except then…eight bucks on shipping or whatever.

So here’s what you do. You sign in to your account, on a computer or on the app, and do your online shopping. Then, you drive up to the store doors, put your hazard lights on, open up WiFi, join their WiFi, open up the app, sign in so that your purchases are there, make sure all the coupons are applied, and then you get free shipping to your house.

I think the idea of this service is that if you see something while in the store that isn’t in your size, you could order it and get free shipping, just like a store associate could order it for you and get free shipping. But guess what, suckers? I don’t go into stores, because that’s the first step in losing a ton of money.

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