Mom shirt

Would this paper crown work? Maybe it’s a little too “I’m the star of this show” and not enough “I’m here to rah-rah-rah for my kid”?

I thought about buying a shirt that says “dance mom,” or whatever, like all the parents seem to have. Glitzy, glammy, ostentatious. But I’m cheap and I got rid of all my clothes, so I needed something multipurpose.

At first I thought “gymnastics mom,” because I could use that for all three girls. But then what about soccer, dance, and basketball? I considered “Rams mom,” because of the school mascot, but only two of the activities are through the school district. Maybe “I am here supporting my child in a sport”? Is dance a sport? “Activity mom”?

Then I thought maybe I’d just get a shirt that says “Mom” in sparkly letters, and I realized nothing says mom like dried macaroni and cheese on my shoulder, snot on my sleeve, and unwashed hair in a messy bun.

Turns out I don’t need a shirt after all.

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