Side hustle upon side hustle

It’s raining money! Actually, it’s raining wind, lots of wind, catastrophic wind, and so we have no power and Sonya’s school got canceled and I am so behind on freelancing because it’s not possible to edit papers at 4:30 in the morning without light. What was I saying? Oh yeah, raining money.

I got an e-mail from a…not a client. Somebody who had been working with a client. He wanted to know if I want more work, that he sometimes has people in need of copy editing. How much do I charge?

  1. Yes, always.
  2. I upped my rate just a smidge. Because, I mean, if I’m adding work to the pile, might as well make it more advantageous, right?

For so many years I was plugging along, making connections, doing little things here and there. I had no idea that this could actually work out! Thank the good lord in heaven for side hustles.

1) I know I need to charge my phone, 2) I’m not super happy about Boost but kind of happy about it, 3) It’s raining money!

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