Instacart review

In short, no.

In longer: the website was clunkier than Walmart’s, and my whole reason for doing this was because I wanted to get groceries from Aldi, because they are cheaper. But the prices on Instacart are more expensive than those in store, and then, after you’ve spent 40 minutes navigating the website, you realize there is not only a delivery fee ($3.99) but also the option to tip your driver.

I hate tipping. Not the tipping itself (although, come on, I’m a cheap-ass), but the fact that it shifts the cost from the company onto the consumer, as though it should be my responsibility to ensure that the driver makes a living wage, rather than the company’s.

I wasn’t about to stiff the driver, so for our big grocery bill, I ended up spending more money than I would have inside of Aldi (probably 20% more?), plus another $25 in tips/delivery fees. Not cheaper than Walmart pickup.

Also, it’s just me, but I felt very awkward having somebody carry groceries from their car to my door. I ended up meeting her at the car and carrying most of them in myself, not sure what the etiquette is and hey-o guess who hadn’t cleaned the living room that day, so please and thank you don’t peek around my door.

I can see when I might use it in the future: if I want something within a couple of hours, or something specific from a specific store. There are times when I really, really need cough drops, like now. But for the most part, Walmart has a much higher selection, ends up being cheaper, is not much more work (drive there, wait for them to bring it to your car, drive home), and the website is easier.

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