Cheap trick Friday: Starbucks stars

Not that I would ever admit to going to Starbucks but…

I mean, but.

So anyway, if you’re going to indulge, you should probably sign up for their star program because you can get free drinks once in awhile. Here’s a tip: always get the smallest, cheapest things possible, and then when you get the free prize, use it on the most outlandish, Venti-est thing you can imagine. Anyway, that’s not today’s trick.

Today’s trick is: sometimes, they’ll give bonus stars for something like “ordering three times in four days.” That’s a big ask, and the fastest way to tank your FI dreams. Here’s the tip, though:

If you are ordering a couple of different items, like sweet sweet coffee for you, and a cake pop for each of your three spoiled rotten children, you can open the app, order your coffee, pay for it, order one cake pop, pay for it, order another cake pop, pay for it, and order another cake pop, pay for it. That’s four orders for one trip!

That’s how I got 75 stars this week, which is 3/5 of the way to the biggest, Venti-est, free-est thing I can imagine. I was going anyway, because mama needs her coffee and the kids are spoiled rotten.

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