Water park on the sort of cheap

Sonya’s gymnastics team has a competition at one of those indoor water park/hotel combo things. The team rents out these huge houses behind the hotel, and everybody chips in for food for the weekend. We’re sharing one of the bedrooms with another family to save money, and we carpooled here. For the entire weekend – four days/three nights, water park tickets for all of us, food, gas to get here – we will have paid about $600. For a kickass vacation with a bunch of pre-teen girls who are excited to play with/babysit my littles, with friends who will drink wine with me into the night (okay, until 11, which might as well be 4 a.m.), with built-in activities and lots of fun.

This is one of those benefits of living in a LCOL areaeverybody wants to save money, so a travel gymnastics meet is orchestrated in the same way I would do it myself. Except I didn’t have to do it myself, and I didn’t even have to get all the food. This has become one of my favorite weekends of the year.

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