Tax refund

For the first time in my entire life, I am getting a refund for taxes. It’s not so much a refund as a rebate from getting our solar panels, but whatever, I feel like Richie Rich. Remember that kid? Jeez he was rich.

We’ve been holding aside money to redo our bathroom, which is literally rotting through the floor. I don’t want to take a loan out for it. We had several people come by to do estimates last summer, and I think it’s going to cost us about $16,000. But we have only managed to pull aside about $12,500, as we are trying to pay off other debts.

We could do it on our own, except for a couple of reasons. 1) The people who lived here before did it on their own and that’s how the tub is tipped wrong so that it leaks all the time and that’s why the floor is rotting out. 2) My husband is an EXCELLENT and extremely thorough handyman. He cuts zero corners. Which is amazing. But he started working on an office in the basement two years ago, and since he can only work on the weekends, it’s slow going. We have six people in this house and one bathroom. We cannot have no bathroom for two years.

It’s also a little more expensive than it could otherwise be because we are going to add a half bathroom to the second floor, right next to the bedrooms. Now that Amelia’s nearly potty trained, the fights over the one toilet in the morning are heating up, and how about when Viv forgets to go pee before bed and only remembers after we are all tucked in? Or if Sonya quick quick needs to puke at 4 a.m.? It makes sense to add a new bathroom while we have this one ripped out (the new one will be directly above the current one), so the frugal choice is to do it all together.

At any rate, our tax refund is going to make it so that we can do this bathroom project and stop worrying about the bathtub crashing through the floor, like it did in Breaking Bad that one time that Jesse forgot that you can’t dissolve a body in a bathtub. Oh Jesse.


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