Bye bye Orkin guy

Last year, we got carpenter ants. I say that in the same way you might say “I got syphilis,” and it’s exactly how it felt. Like we had been living large and now it was time to pay the price, and if we didn’t manage them, soon we would go blind.

There are things I DIY, and things I don’t. Since the fuckers were inside the wall, I called in the expert.

They recommended a year-long treatment, to make sure we got every last bug. I don’t know if that’s overkill (get it? Overkill?), but I also don’t want to go blind.

It was several hundred dollars at first, and then a hundred dollars every month. Yesterday, he came out for the second-to-last time. He mentioned that if I don’t cancel, he’ll just keep coming, which, no thank you. I’ll pay in a few weeks for the last time, and he’ll do one last spray in April.

A hundred more dollars, freed up.

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