Travel hack rejection

I applied for the new Marriott Bonvoy card through American Express, step 2 of our plan to get to Disney World for free, and the system was kind enough to tell me, before running a credit check, that I wasn’t going to be eligible for the bonus. I called to find out why, and they said that they couldn’t be sure, but it could be because I’ve gotten too many welcome bonuses in the past.

I mean, guilty as charged. But damnit.

I then applied for the Capital One card for the bonus, and that system did not tell me that I wouldn’t get it and ran a credit check and denied me, presumably for the same reason (my score is about 780, so it shouldn’t be because of that). I made some mistakes in early 2017*, and so I’m not going to be eligible for new Chase cards for another year or so.

Sooooo. It looks like my plans right now are a little different than they were. I’m going to keep using the Barclay Card Arrival Plus card, and rack up as many points on there as I can. I’m going to easily hit the bonus for me and my husband, which will get us $800 apiece (I’ve already hit the bonus on mine and we are working on his). That will take off $1600.

Our bathroom overhaul is going to cost us about $16K, which we can pay for with credit cards and we have the cash reserves to pay for it. My current goal is to put that on to the Arrival Plus cards, too, which will end up with about $320 in bonuses. If we keep using these cards for groceries and necessities, I’m certain we will put another $10K on over the next few months – so hopefully another $100 or $200 before we decide to buy the tickets.

The original plan was to pay for the entire thing, which was going to be about $4500 plus gas. Now, I don’t think we’ll be able to manage to get it for free, but easily take $2000 off. It’s a win, sort of, but not a huge one.

My credit score went down by a few points with the denied card, but not a lot, so I’m not sweating it…but I’m going to wait to try to travel hack too much until we can get those earlier mistakes cleared off the record.

*Mistake #1: I got really, really mad at Kohl’s one day and said, “OH YEAH? I’M GOING TO CANCEL MY CREDIT CARD!” and then I realized about three days later that without the credit card at Kohl’s, you are missing out on a ton of deals. So I applied for another one with my tail between my legs. They didn’t seem sorry.

*Mistake #2: I honestly don’t know why I am so dumb except let’s blame it on the fact that I had just gotten brain surgery so maybe my brain was recovering. I totally clicked on the “apply for this card and get $30 off your Walmart order” thing and I applied for it. I didn’t get the $30 off. I never even activated the stupid card. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

*Not a mistake, but we travel hacked to Europe and that involved a lot of card openings in 2017. I think it might be time to cool it for a bit.

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