We almost got a new dishwasher

The dishwasher broke over the weekend. It’s a portable dishwasher, which is stupid, but it came with the house. You have to hook it up to the sink every time you want to use it, and the tubes pull on the faucet, which causes a minor leak and will eventually break the sink. Also, if you forget to unhook it, or if you don’t know you’re supposed to unhook it when you first move into the house, it causes a not-minor leak under the sink and causes water damage to the floor. I hate that thing.

When we moved in, we decided we’d get a new dishwasher when we had the money. We’ve never had the money. It’s been six years.

So when it broke over the weekend, I was mostly sad about the money and a little bit thrilled about the possibilities. I did some online window shopping, and settled in for the familiar not-fight fight: if we are getting something new, I want something basic and functional, and I don’t want to spend any extra money. My husband thinks if we are spending $500 on something new, we should spend $700 on something new and awesome. I recited the same petty line I recite every time something like this comes up. “Sure, I’m fine getting the fancier thing. But that money has to come from somewhere. What are we going to give up? The Internet? Beer? Your mom’s health insurance?” Then we always stare at each other, both of us a little bit pissed.

We could find the money. We could pay the minimum payments on debts and have a lot more disposable income. We don’t have to be contributing extra to retirement funds or to 529s. We make good salaries, especially with all the freelancing. We could spend $200 extra on something that would give us a lot more happiness over the next 15 years.

But there’s a tree in the backyard that’s going to fall over onto the neighbor’s pool house and the van’s sliding door also just broke and we suddenly owe $600 in back taxes that I didn’t realize we had to pay for my MIL (I didn’t think local taxes were required. They are. We’re three years overdue) and oh yeah here’s a surprise bill for $120 for MIL’s recent X-Ray. And we’re going to be ripping out our broken bathroom and putting in a new one which is so great but this familiar not-fight fight is going to happen this weekend when we are picking out faucets and tile and a vanity.

My husband took the dishwasher apart and fixed it. Hooray! I’m a little bit sad about not getting a new dishwasher, a lot excited about not spending another $700 unexpectedly.

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