Cheap trick Friday: disposable razors

I’ve been hearing a lot about safety razors and razor clubs – how can we save on razors and, at the same time, produce less trash?

Well, I’ll tell you how I do it. Fourteen years ago, I bought a multi-pack of razor heads from Sam’s Club (not an affiliate link, I don’t even have a Sam’s Club membership). When I was Googling that package, it says “one blade lasts up to 15 shaves!” OMG. 15 shaves. Even at the height of my disgusting, terrible hygiene habits, I am shaving my pits 3 times a week. So it’s supposed to only last five weeks? Who decided that? (Spoiler alert: the people who are making money off of razor heads).

I was going to estimate that I change the heads out about once a year, and then I realized it’s easy to do the math – I have five left. I started with 20. Fourteen years ago. So yeah, about once a year.

Do I have the cleanest, baby-smooth armpits? No, but I’m a 40-year-old lady who, it turns out, isn’t made out of plastic. It’s not like flawless armpits are going to turn me into a super model. I don’t shave my legs every day, or every other day, or…okay fine, I shave them about once every week or two, except in the winter, when I shave them if I’m going to be on stage and bare-legged (never). But again, I’m not made out of plastic and mammals have hair and I’m going for a “from the audience, it looks like you shaved” look, not “this lady is the spitting image of Barbie.”

I’ve thought about changing to safety razors, but I’ve still got another five years left on these before I need to make that choice.

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