ENW April 2019: $15,000

Last month, my ENW was -$4000. I am not looking forward to this exercise, given the last few days, and also given the bathroom work we are doing. Mint is updating my accounts. I have stuck my fingers in my ears and am screaming “I CAN’T HEAR YOU, MINT, I CAN’T HEAR YOU.” It’s very becoming.

HAHAHAHA, Mint thinks my net worth is $36,454.96. An increase of $5K since last month. Hold your horses.

Because as soon as it posts, $4200 is leaving my account to pay off the summer condo (it’s not just my $4K, it is from my family members, as well). I’m going to lose another $11K to the bathroom remodel, and $4K to taxes. That brings me down by $19K, according to Mint, so my ENW is more like $17K.

Also, here’s what Mint doesn’t know: I have about $30K in my husband’s retirement account, and I owe about $24,500 or so in home improvement loans, $6,500 in no-interest credit card debt, $2K in brain surgery debt, and $200 or so on the lawn mower. Oh and about $1,000 on my new computer. So, I have an additional $30K, I’m down an additional $34K.

I just realized that last month I forgot to add in my husband’s retirement account, even though I added it in text. DAMNIT THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE STRAIGHFORWARD. Last month I said I was at -$4K, but really it should have been $26K. This month: $13K.

So it looks like I’m up $17K but that’s because last month I messed up the arithmetic and forgot to add my husband’s retirement in. Instead, I’m down THIRTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.

In theory: the bathroom will add at least $10K to the value of the house (we are fixing a terribly broken bathroom and adding in a powder room on the second floor). In theory, everything is going according to plan. In theory, even with all of the boat-rocking that’s been going on in the last few days, we’re still contributing to retirement, still paying off debt.

In practice: I’d like to skip these check-ins for like 6 months until I can pay off that stupid surprise tax bill. Wait, can I skip them altogether until my student loans (in theory) get forgiven? Or maybe until I win the lottery?

I know, that’s not how it works. If this were always fun, it’d be always easy, and it’s not. One foot in front of the other.

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