March freelancing

March was not fun. I was up late many nights, and basically, every day felt like I had deadlines I was barely going to make. I had an official goal of $2000 with Freelance Company A, and the invoice was just generated: $3307.

I should be celebrating, and I’m grateful, but I’m tired. Because of the surprise tax bill, and the computer I bought so as to make more money, and the extra money I’m going to be withholding from my W2 job for next year (I have a weird goal of getting that check down to $0 a month, and…well, I’m on my freaking way), I really need to be making about that same amount of money in the next few months. I’m on track for doing the same in April (but it’s just the 3rd, so who knows). My spreadsheet says $3300 for April, and then $2700 for the next several months after that. In this way, I’ll be able to keep up with paying off our debt, keep up with our investments, increase withholdings (maybe not by enough but by some), and cover anything extra from the bathroom remodel.

Life is expensive and I am tired.

3 thoughts on “March freelancing”

  1. Hi, I was very moved by this post, as I am by many of your posts. I honestly have no idea how you manage to post every day along with your regular job, your freelancing, and your family responsibilities, but I am so, so grateful that you do. As a fledgling blogger myself, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs this year, and yours has become my favorite over the last few weeks. Honest, eloquent, unapologetic. It’s just great stuff. I read your “Late Frost” post aloud to my whole family a few days ago to give the kids a taste of what great non-fiction writing can be. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that your efforts are inspirational and very much appreciated by me — Adam — my fiancĂ© Elise, and doubtless many other people. Please keep up the great work!


    1. Well I read this in my driveway and had to turn off my podcasts to read it again. Thank you so much, for the sentiments, for expressing them, for the encouragement. It feels right now like we are swimming against the current, so why would anybody be interested in the details? So the encouragement is especially influential now. Thank you again.


  2. I’m so glad! Well we are definitely interested in the details and the great spirit with which you battle the current, and I’m sure others are too. Someone at a PR company once told me that for every person that comments on a published work, there are about 100 others out there who feel similarly — so that’s 100 people who love your blog already.


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