Moving to Vanguard

I met with a financial planner from my job last week. He was very helpful in a lot of ways, and didn’t pressure me in any direction. He helped me to figure out how to move my whole portfolio to low-fee options, so my fees went from an average of about .75% to .04%.

This seems like a no-brainer and I know that in the FI community, it is. And it makes complete sense. If I have $70K in that account, I’ll save hundreds of dollars every single year doing this. More, once I get more money in there. And it should be just as trustworthy as any other account!

It is still terrifying. I am not an expert, by any stretch of the imagination, at this stuff. I barely know anything. I like to say “you’re the expert, you tell me.” But I’ve read enough and listened enough to feel confident it’s the right choice.

Still, it took me a couple of tries to actually push the submit button, I kept canceling at the last minute. This is so much more impactful than forgoing a haircut, but it also feels so much more abstract. I log into my accounts, what is there is there. Sure I’m making more money this way. Sure.

Anyway, look at me, making good choices.

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