Cheap trick Friday: motion detector lights

At some point in the last five years, I became my dad, following people around the house and shutting lights off as they leave rooms. Five sixth of my household seems to think the house functions as the neighborhood lighthouse, sending out beacons of light to all wayward travelers at all times. The other one sixth (me) mutters and grumbles, turning off turning off turning off.

It turns out grumbling and muttering doesn’t save on electric bills (I know, right?), but these suckers (affiliate link, no extra charge to you, makes me like four cents closer to FI) help. I have them placed strategically throughout the house so that when children are walking to the bathroom at 2 am, the lights turn on before they can reach the light switch. By the time the lights switch themselves of, the kid has moved to the next room.

Boom, no “lights on all night” for us. Sorry, wayward travelers. 

4 thoughts on “Cheap trick Friday: motion detector lights”

  1. I, too, seemed to have morphed into my dad. When I clicked on the affiliate link, though, the following error code came up : ‘this site can’t be reached’.🤔


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