I paid our taxes

I paid our taxes, and my mother-in-law’s taxes, and have learned some lessons this year about taxes, and about better planning, and about not having expectations, and about feeling the discomfort of knowing that you made some uninformed choices.

I also have a freelance job that will allow me to cover the costs, upcoming summer vacations and camps that are paid off, an almost completed half bathroom that is going to be life-changing, access to zero-interest loans to bail me out, and a pretty great life.

I’ve increased my withholdings (again) from my W2 job, and, once the literal dust settles from the bathroom and I can take stock of where we are again, will increase them again. I have a low-key goal of having my W2 job give me a paycheck of 0.00 after all of my withholdings for taxes and savings. We’re getting there faster than I thought.

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