And now…the slog.

I paid our taxes, and the bathroom renovation is well underway. I’ve set up a budget, tweaked it, tweaked it again, tweaked it again. There’s really nothing to do here except put one foot in front of the other, one copy-editing document in front of the other.

It’s mid-April. I think the hardest part of the slog is going to go until August, because by then we’ll have paid off some smaller debts and also increased our tax withholdings so we aren’t in this same position next year (hopefully). My goal for the next several months is to make at least $3000 per month from my major side hustle. So far, so good.

My chart says I’m not caught up because that’s this morning and I have yet to do today’s work, but also I have it set at $3100 instead of $3000 to make sure I always feel just a little bit like everything’s falling apart. Psychological torture is a great motivator.

So far, so slogging.

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