Things we’re not buying: faster Internet

My husband works in IT and has, like, 50 computers set up in his office (okay, bedroom). He has complained about our Internet for years, but FIOS has never been available in our area. Until today!

He checked last night and it’s available. But guess what? We’re not increasing our bills at this moment in time. No no no no no.

He asked me, “how much would you be willing to pay for much better service?” I told him the truth: “zero dollars.” Our internet is just fine as it is.

His inclinations are to spend more, mine are to be miserly. I’ve seen this movie before, and I know how it ends: I won’t budge on this because our current budget doesn’t allow for increased luxuries. He wants it badly enough that he’ll figure out a way to make more money, so there will be room in the budget. Eventually, we all get what we want, and nobody gets divorced over it.

But for now. No.

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