Cheap trick Friday: YMCA showers

We don’t have a bathroom right now (just a stand-alone, icky toilet in the corner of our basement), so getting myself and the kids bathed has become something of a challenge. Is it ever not a challenge, though? You know those people (my sister) who manage to bathe their kids every single night before bed? How does that happen? God, I’m a mess.

Anyway, we are members at the local YMCA, which costs about $65 a month for the family. We tend to go swimming once a week, sometimes more if it’s not in late April when we have soccer, dance, and gymnastics every second of every weekend.

I take the kids in part because I want them to be good in the water. Once upon a time I found out I had a huge brain tumor and I might die that night, and I wrote out a list of the things that I was desperate to get done. A bucket list? Except it wasn’t “see the Taj Mahal,” it was “make sure Viv knows how to swim.” Anyway, it’s always been very, very important to me that they not accidentally drown. Call me crazy.

But I didn’t die that night or any night thereafter (so far!), and now, Viv knows how to swim (Amelia’s next on the list). So we go to the Y.

I would be lying, though, if I said the after-pool showers don’t calculate into my swimming plans. We swim, and then the four of us shower, all at once, and what would take us over an hour at home, and an ungodly amount of whining, takes about 10 minutes. Ta-da!

Without a shower at home, this has become increasingly crucial. Even before we were desperate for a rinse-off, though, I’ve always thought that what we save on water bills might make help cover the cost of the membership.

Since we live in The Future, I found an online calculator and figured that every time we shower there, rather than at home, we save something like $2.50 in water bills (sometimes the kids take baths instead of showers, sometimes they share a bath, if The Future is so great, why can’t it just understand all my variables without me having to figure them out on my own??). So, maybe $10 a month, much more in the summer when we are there 2-3 times a week.

Showering at the YMCA isn’t going to cover the cost of the membership, but it can bring it down considerably, and don’t forget that included in that membership you also get to work on making sure your kids don’t drown at a friend’s house because they don’t know that pools are death traps. Win-win-win-win-win.

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