A depleted emergency fund, a bounced check

In an effort to minimize the credit card debt I am taking on to pay for the surprise taxes and the shouldn’t-have-been-a-surprise over-budget bathroom costs, I emptied out our emergency fund and decided to play it close to the line while we pay off the new debts.

Can you guess where this is going?

Ugh, I am good with money. I am on top of things. I also have too many balls in the air and I am overly confident about what one human being can do.

One of my checks to one of my thousands of smallish bills didn’t have sufficient funds, so I got charged $29 from the check-issuing bank. I called them and had that removed (always call, always), called the other place to see if there would be a fee for the check being returned, and they said they usually try to push a check through a couple of times before adding a fee so as long as the money is in the account now, it’s fine. I transferred the money from another account, and it should be fine.

My plan has been to pay off debt at all costs, but my new, slightly revised plan, the plan that literally every guru says is the right one but somehow I think I’m smarter than they are, is to put $100 into the emergency fund account first thing, every month, even if it means I’m going to be paying off the credit card debt over a longer period.

Since I’m also increasing my withholdings from my W2 job (I already increased them to an additional $600 every month, next month I’m going to push that up to $800 over the regular withholdings in May), I hope that next year’s tax time won’t be so terrible. But again, the credit card payoff will be longer.

Look at me, being completely fine with the fact that our debt has increased, not decreased, and not at all on edge about how long it’s going to take to pay it off. I bounced a check? That’s fine. It’s completely fine. This is me, totally zen.


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