Shifting goalposts

I’m not going to make my April goal for freelancing. I mean, it depends on what you mean by “make,” because my total from various sources should be well over what I expected. But I set a goal for $3300 from my main company, and at one point I was on track for that, but now I’m going to be lucky to get $3100.

This is because I am so, so far behind on the manuscript from my second company. It’s 350 pages of really dense academic writing, and while I have been working on it every day, I only have until Friday to finish it and I’m just about halfway through. Okay, maybe “so, so far behind” is not accurate, but it’s been hard to do more than 30 pages a day. Not just timewise. Brainwise.

So I’m giving up on Company A for the next few days and concentrating solely on this manuscript. It means that my May goal is going to be hard to hit, too, because I won’t be making anything at all with Company A until the 4th or so of May.

But, this manuscript should bring in about $1800, and since my goal for that company each month is $500, I’m not actually behind.

But boy, it feels like it. I’ll be glad when I send in this manuscript.

Oh, I just remembered that I’ve already agreed to do one massive document for Company A that is going to be worth about $1500, starting May 15 or so, so it shouldn’t be so hard to catch up. I mean, who am I kidding, it’s going to be hard. But I’ve got the work lined up. Have we paid off the taxes and the bathroom yet? (Answer: No).

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