April freelance numbers

According to my spreadsheet, while trying to pay off the extra bathroom costs and the extra taxes, I’m supposed to make $3300 from Company A and $500 from Company B. This is hard and I’m exhausted, but one more month like this and then I can start tapering down. I think my best balance is when I’m making about $2000 in freelancing across all companies per month.

At any rate, the goal was $3800.

I just looked at the numbers for Company A – I expected them to be considerably lower because I’ve spent the last 10 days working nearly non-stop on a huge project for Company B. But, they’re okay! $3284.44 total. Not $3300. Pretty damn close.

I know this is a meaningless screenshot, but it’s the total of all of the jobs I did, with the total for the month in parentheses.

I’m down to the wire on this big project for Company B – I have about 40 pages that I have to finish today, then maybe an hour’s worth of work tomorrow rechecking a few things. I’m going to be able to do it, but it’s going to be an intense day. It’s dense. I’ll send the invoice tomorrow for something like $1900.

So – the goal was $3800, the actual money coming in is going to be about $5150.

May will also be intense, and I already have a big project over the weekend for Company B that will probably end up being $200 or so, and then a big document with Company A that starts on Sunday that will be about $1800.

I will be very glad in a few months when I can taper this back.

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