Cheap trick Friday: this is the greatest show

My kids love singing at the top of their lungs in the car. This beats fighting over the iPad, so while I occasionally scream “YOU ARE MAKING MY BRAIN TUMOR SCAR HURT,” I generally let it go. Even when the song is Let It Go, which I have been listening to on repeat for a solid six years.

Amelia keeps demanding that I play The Greatest Showman songs, as if the world is set up for constant on-demand free entertainment. I mean, it is, when we have WiFi. But not in the car.

We are in the car enough that I considered buying the soundtrack. Even at $20, price per play over the next ten years will certainly be under a penny.

Then I remembered that I pay taxes for a reason, and that reason is libraries. I ordered the soundtrack from an in-network library, picked it up yesterday, burned it into my soccer mom van’s CD library, and will return it today. It’s now a part of my car forEVER. For free. We’ve already gotten a solid two hours of listening in. Free!

This truly is the greatest show.

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