Discount cell phone dilemmas

A year ago, I switched to Boost Mobile. I had spent years on AT&T with a flip phone, but switching to Boost with a data plan was cheaper than my flip phone service on the family plan. Also, I was very tired of pushing the number buttons multiple times just to get one letter for a text. Remember that? It sucked.

Boost is $35 a month for 3 gigabytes. Sometimes I go over at the end of the month, and then it just slows down. I like this, because I have little self-control and rather than charging me for overages, it just slows me down and makes me pissed off at the Internet for a few days. 

My friend has xfinity mobile: $12 a month. I have Comcast at home, so…$12 is better than $35! I’ve heard you can push the bill down to almost nothing, and almost nothing is the kind of bill I like best.

I called to find out, and I was right – if you use less than 200 megabytes per month, it’s free. This sounds amazing. But my phone was locked with Boost, and it needed to be unlocked to move it. “Or you could buy a new phone with us!” Which isn’t what I wanted, I’m trying to save money. But also, more importantly, xfinity won’t migrate a phone over from Boost.

They DO take phones from Verizon. I called. Verizon has a prepaid plan for about $30, for 500 MB. In theory, that’s less than Boost, if I could just stop freaking checking Facebook. $40 for 4 GB. “Can I switch just for a month?” I could switch to Verizon for one month for $40, and then the savings later would make up for it.

So I made a bunch of phone calls, unlocked my iPhone, planned to move my phone from one to the next and the next, until I really thought it through. Xfinity is $12 per gigabyte. It doesn’t cut you off if you go over, it just charges you for the next level. “But you can turn off your own data if you are getting close!” Yeah but I won’t.

Also it’s $12 plus fees. Boost is exactly $35.

So I could plan on exercising self-control, my least favorite kind of control, and hopefully keep to 2 GB or less. Except also I use my phone as a hotspot to upload freelance documents sometimes, so no I won’t stick to 2 GB.

So hopping from one to the next could save me $20 a month, except it won’t, and it’ll cost me more than what I’m paying now, and a lot of headaches.

So I’m sticking with Boost. I don’t love love it, but I like it okay, and it gets me what I need.

1 thought on “Discount cell phone dilemmas”

  1. I understand this. I’ve done the same – albeit more than $35/month because Canada has no true competition to bring down our rates yet. However, I cut my bill in half, and recently had to upgrade my phone, so instead of signing a contract and paying monthly (but more than $400 the sticker price) I bought my phone outright. Now I have the freedom to explore other options without contract, save money and use a phone that works! ☺️

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