Mid-month freelance check-in

Oh, it’s not good.

My spreadsheet says I need to make $3300 at Company A, and $500 at Company B.

For the first weekend of the month, I had a surprise job at Company B that took me every free moment, so I couldn’t do anything with Company A. Then I had surgery on May 7, so between preparing for the surgery, having the surgery, and the two days of “can’t do anything, I just had surgery,” I really only started with Company A on May 10.

So. Here’s where I stand at this moment:

$650 from Company B

$300 from Company A

I have another job from Company B that is coming that will probably be worth $500, and a huge job I’m working on for Company A that is worth $1000. Which is awesome! Except it also means I won’t be able to be chipping away at Company A’s goal as much as I need to be.

At any rate, it looks like I’ll definitely have $2500 in total. Probably close to $3000 total. Maybe not $3800 like I have planned. The good news is that with the debt repayment that we’re working on in the background, our burden is slowly lightening each month – this month we are finishing paying off our lawn mower, so that’s an extra $175 that we’ll have freed up.

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