Getting refunds with no effort – Paribus

This week, I’ve gotten about $20 in refunds without even trying. Lots of companies have price drop policies, where they will pay you the difference if you paid a higher price and then they put it on sale, but you know what I don’t have? Time to track all the prices of all the things I have ever bought, not to mention space on my myriad spreadsheets.

Almost two years ago exactly (5/18/17!), I signed up for Paribus (not a referral link, I don’t think they have them). I was wary of it because you have to fork over your passwords. But, like with Mint.com, I wondered if there would be a payoff that was worth it to me.

I briefly considered setting up a new email from which I would do all my internet shopping but remember what I said about time and spreadsheets? That’s also true about email accounts. So I took a leap of faith.

I like to think of myself as a person who doesn’t buy a whole lot of stuff new. Our house is bursting at the seams with hand-me-down toys and clothes for the kids, and I don’t really buy clothes for myself anymore now that I’ve got a system in place. But I do buy diapers, and birthday presents, and dog toys, sometimes even dog toys that will be used as birthday presents (nutjob puppy turns one this month and I’ve been suckered into giving her a party. She doesn’t know or care about birthdays! But the kids do, and she does care about ripping packages open with her bare teeth).

Anyway, I do have purchases, and the main benefit of Paribus for me has come through in two ways: when a price drops, it emails the company on my behalf and says “hey you owe me money” and then the company pays me money. The other is that Amazon doesn’t always follow through on its two-day promise, which I never notice because what day is it today? Soccer day? Gymnastics day? Music? Oh, there are packages on the door step, somebody grab them so it doesn’t rain on them and then GET YOUR CLEATS!!! WE ARE LATE!!!

Anyway, you’re eligible for money back when that happens.

I often go for months without anything from Paribus and then I forget I have it. But this week, there was a late package from Amazon that I wouldn’t have noticed, the Paw Patrol pull-up pants that are the only thing that Amelia will allow to grace her butt dropped by four bucks, and some brush killer that I bought because if I don’t kill this giant poison ivy patch soon it’s going to kill us went down by a few dollars.

It would be pretty if it weren’t so horrifying.

And look! I’m suddenly rich! Or…less poor. Since I’m dropping the soccer mom van off on Monday night for some repairs, that $20 is going to come in handy.

I’ve had it for two years now, and my identity has not yet been compromised (not by Paribus. Ask me about the time a few months ago when I fell for a stupid phishing scam, because I am dumb). It has not garnered me millions of dollars, but it’s completely effortless once you get it installed, so I’d say it’s worth it.

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