It’s the end of the month as we know it, and I feel foolish

Oh this month has been terrible for freelancing. My spreadsheet tells me that for June, I should be bringing in $3000 from company A, $500 from company B.

I just sent in my invoice for company B and it was a little under $400. I’m getting another job from them tomorrow that may pay out by the end of June, maybe, so I could make that up. But it’s company A that I’m sucking with right now.

I had surgery on May 7. Before then, I was working hard on a big job from company B, and did nothing for A. After that I was wiped out for several days. I knew that this month was going to be awful.

But here’s where I’m an idiot. I took on an unusually large copy editing job, 53,000 words, worth $1000 or so. I typically do jobs that are under 2K words, and my goal is 4K words or so a day at minimum. But I took this job, happy about the guaranteed $1000. I also tried to keep other balls in the air in the meanwhile. The due date was June 1.

Then my nephew got sick and we brought my other nephew to our house for several days and I asked for an extension on the big job, to give me some leeway. They gave me two days. It was enough.

Except yesterday I realized that if I don’t finish it by the end of the month, my total check from company A is going to be $1000 instead of $2000. I’ve been planning on being $1000 behind, but we really can’t take a $2000 hit. And if I turn it in on June 2, that money would come to us in July, so it’s not like it is lost, but we are on such a tight budget right now that we need that money to just stay afloat in June.

Nobody’s going to starve to death if I don’t get it done by the end of the month, but it will be a huge psychological hit, as our balances increase yet again.

I guess I’m glad I realized this yesterday instead of tomorrow. I am turning down all other responsibilities and cleaning out the gutters can wait (I haaaaaaaaate those stupid helicopter seeds, which turn into dirt in the gutter and we literally have maple trees growing up on top of our roof now). Today, my nose is to the grindstone.

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