New goal: breathe

I was really stressed out about the net worth post from a few days ago. Not because I am so worried about my net worth (ENW: $7800, actual net worth: awesome), but because there have been so many moving parts in the past few months that the inside of my head felt like the tangle of charger cords near my bed – everything is functioning okay, but God help you if you want to trace one end to one beginning.

My husband was in charge of the bathroom remodel, which makes total sense because he cares about design and I am content to crap in a bucket. It also makes zero sense because he isn’t in charge of the finances, so there were so many metaphorical cords to untangle. 0% interest IKEA card, 0% promotional Lowe’s purchase, additional bits and pieces on his main credit card or mine, a big chunk of money going on to our big 0% Citi card, “did you just buy another towel?”

Side note: the bathroom is awesome. And I’m never undergoing home renovations ever again ever, but…the bathroom is awesome.

Our new bathroom. I can not take credit for even one bit of it.

I knew our finances were in worse shape than a few months ago, but I didn’t know how bad, and thinking about it too much made my brain tumor scar hurt.

But I did the net worth post, and then I pulled out Excel, and spreadsheeted (spreadshat?) my afternoon away. We should be done done done with all of those big purchases, back to reality and normalcy now. Our summer vacations are already paid for, as are summer camps for the girls. Dance will pause for the summer (thank God), no soccer, gymnastics has a reduced summer rate for the two littles, and we already paid for season passes to the amusement park. Sheesh, typing all that out feels good.

At any rate, the new spreadsheet did what spreadsheets are supposed to do, and I finally feel like I have a handle on it all once again.

In addition, I rejiggered some payment plans (in my head, nothing official), which I can do because so much of what we owe is 0% interest, and realized that my earlier goal of “you must make $3500 freelancing each month” has been reduced to about $3100, and that’s with a relatively hefty food budget worked in (especially hefty because MIL is back in the home country, so our food costs will actually go down), which should cover anything unexpected like renewing the zoo pass, which I know is coming up.

$400 less isn’t that much, except it is. That cuts my daily grind from $100 a day to $80 (I know, the math doesn’t add up, but that’s for my main company, and the additional comes from my other company, which isn’t like work at all but just hanging out with some paper and a red pen).

My point is this. It’s summer. The 10th summer, out of 18, that I get with Sonya. I am going to crank out work because that’s the position we are in, but my goal is to get it all done every day before 11 am (I work best in the morning, and I try to get the nutjob puppy exercised before 5:30, for a fresh start bright and early). This is completely manageable.

After 11 (can I shoot for 10?), the computer closes, the phone gets put into the charger, the housework gets done, the lunches get packed and we head to the amusement park or the zoo or the park or the library or the YMCA pool, or I sit on the porch swing and watch the birds at the bird feeder while my children shriek with joy on the trampoline and yard swings, and by evening, we do this:

5 thoughts on “New goal: breathe”

  1. I absolutely love this! You’re working super hard and doing all of the right things. You’ve reminded me that life is a marathon and *not* a sprint. You could be a robot, but where is the joy in that?


  2. First, that bathroom is beautiful!

    And second, spreadsheets also are helpful for me. Having everything laid out visually, helps clear out mental bandwidth and clutter and frees up my mental energy. Samsies (said ironically)!

    Lastly, I admire your prioritization between work and summertime/family time. I find it tempting to get sucked into the hustle of freelance, and put living on the back burner. I’m working to change that, but I love reading about how you’re finding that balance. Inspirational!


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