Mid-month freelance check-in

My spreadsheet tells me that I need to make $3750 in freelancing this month (boy I can’t wait for a few months from now, when that drops as we pay off things – this month and next month have the biggest goals). It’s the middle of the month.

From one company, I’ve sent out invoices for $750. That will be it from that company for this month, my next job with them isn’t scheduled to end until July 4.

From the other, I’m up to about $1550. I’m almost guaranteed a $200 bonus, and I have a job I’m close to the finish line on that is worth $300. If I were to basically stop today (I won’t), I’d end the month with $2800. And we are only halfway through!

Except I’m not doubling this amount, not even close. I need to make $1000 in 13 days, but for three of those days, we will be on vacation with friends, so I need to shoot for $100 a day. It’s do-able, but not a walk in the park.

I’d really like to hit my goal this month, because next month we are going on vacation with my family for ten days, and hitting my spreadsheet goal for next month will be tough. I could do it. But I see my family not enough, not even close to enough, and while I’ll maintain some time in the early morning for freelancing, I need to set some strict boundaries with myself. So what I’m saying is I actually hope I don’t hit it next month, and I learn a lesson about unclenching a bit, meaning it’s more important to get it this month.

Back to the documents I go!

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