June’s freelancing totals

I thought June might fall short in terms of freelance goals, but I ended up going over. Company A, my main source of income, brought in $3271, and Company B (secondary, but pays better hourly and so much easier/more interesting) brought in $750. $4021! My spreadsheet had told me I needed $3800, so I feel great about that.

Especially great because our friends invited us to their vacation house in the mountains in North Carolina (ummm…yes), so I spent the last three days of the month doing zero work. And spending more than usual, because we took them out to a nice dinner as a thank you, and we had to pay for gas and innertube rentals and ice cream for the kids every five minutes because that’s the whole point of vacation.

This month, I have reconfigured our bills so that I’ll be okay making $3500 (basically, spreading out some of our 0% card payments just a bit more) but even that may be a stretch. $3500 typically means I spend several hours freelancing, every day, without fail; above $3500 is quite difficult for me and I have to really put my nose to the grindstone. My spreadsheet has me at $3500 for the next several months, gradually going down to $3000 and lower once we get stuff paid off. In theory, I’d eventually like to have a goal of $2000 each month. As my husband’s income rises (he has a lot more capacity for growth in his field than I do in mine), and we pay off debts, that should be possible. Even if nothing changes except we stick to the plan, everything drops off in about 14 months (of course, then I’ll probably set my sights on the mortgage…).

This month will be tough because I’m already behind – I invoiced Company B for almost $600 but that is probably it for them, so I need to be making almost $100 a day with Company A. Doable, but not easy, and I didn’t do anything on the 1st because we were coming back from North Carolina. Beyond that, we are going with my family to a lake for nine days in the middle of July, and while it’s possible for me to ignore everybody and just work for that entire time, I’m going to try to set limits and only work a couple of hours per day, maximum, so hitting $50 a day during that time will be more reasonable. I may be able to make up for that before and after we go, but it’s summer and I also want to take the kids to the pool and amusement park, so it’s maybe not likely.

So: I’m looking ahead to July being a disappointment, because I’m intentionally going to be present for family, relax at a lake, and live my best life. It’ll be okay.

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