Mid-month freelance check-in

It’s July 13, which isn’t quite mid-month, but the truth is, I’m the dictator of this blog and I do what I want.

I’m also sitting on a couch in a VRBO lake house, quietly trying to get some work done while so many people that I love slumber all around me. We’ve got two houses; three of my sisters and one of my brothers and their spouses, my husband’s sister and her husband, and what seems like a trillion children are filling this place with light and love and laughter and a little bit of flames erupting from the oven last night, which is all part of the fun.

My freelance goal for this month is a total of $3500. I have already invoiced for just about $600 to one company. For the other, that means making $2900. I am almost guaranteed a $200 bonus, leaving $2700 in regular earnings. I am, according to my chart, right on track.

Except I have a strong suspicion that my work is going to really suffer in the next week, and by suffer, I mean fall to the wayside while I thrive. I intend to get work done in the mornings, but I’m only going to take the easiest, most do-able jobs, and if there aren’t any, I’m going to skip work that day. I’m right on track for today, and have some easy, do-able jobs that I’ll get done in the next hour or two before everybody wakes up, meaning I’ll be right on track for tomorrow – but who knows after that.

(and who cares!)

This week, I’m concentrating on the part of my life that is waaaaaaay more important than money or debts or side hustles or frugality. I can get back on track next month.

3 thoughts on “Mid-month freelance check-in”

  1. Glad you’re taking some you time, even if it hurts the freelance income for a little bit. I should freelance to make a little extra money (goodness knows, I have the free time) but the thought of it just fills me with dread. I have enough trouble coming up with content for the blog. I don’t want to divert any ideas to other sites!

    Good luck and have fun with all those kids (and hopefully fewer oven flames)!

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