Money is time

I’m on a boat. My kids are leaning over the side, sitting on my siblings’ laps, hands skimming the water, their cheeks are a little pink from too much sun and too much fun.

It’s almost Tuesday which means it’s time for a blog post but at least in theory I should be talking about finances and I can’t muster the give-a-damn.

I don’t want to retire early because I love my job and retiring early would, I think, make me lose my mind. I want to spend my money on things I care about and not spend my money foolishly on the things I think don’t matter, but sometimes I spend money anyway because I have a stronger sense of what I want now instead of what I will want later.

Except this, this now, this now is what I want. Enough money so that I can take ten days like this every year, forever. Maybe I want to feel this way every day for all of time but realistically, it wouldn’t work anyway – my family couldn’t take the time off, having a boat would feel like a responsibility instead of the height of relaxation, lake effect snow would turn everything magical into everything monstrous.

So here’s my financial blog post for Tuesday. Today, I can so clearly see why it matters for me to pay off debt and build up assets. Because this now is the kind of thing that is only possible with time off, money for a shared house on a lake, the health and wealth to coordinate the week of intense rest and companionship. It feels like a necessity but it is the pinnacle of luxury and if it means never paying for a hair cut again and packing my lunch every day, I will do it.

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