I’ve been on a bender

After vacation this summer, I came back to reality and just decided…not. Not to write. Not to post. Not to track my net worth. I went off the rails and decided to just become one of those people who lives in the moment and doesn’t sweat about debt.

But come on, is it really possible to not sweat about debt? Answer: no. Sweat and debt are practically the same word. Turns out you can’t just choose to be carefree and suddenly end up zen.

I came back home and realized that we were in a crappy financial way with the new bathroom and the solar panels and the tax bill and the supporting family stuff, and I was in a crappy emotional way with the “I live far away from a lot of people I love,” stuff, and I just wanted to put my head down and work and stop blabbing about my finances all over town. So I quit.

But my brother asked me to reconsider and so here I am, back to blabbing.

What has happened in the last few months? Questionable financial decisions, some debt repayment, a 10-ton bucket filled with freelance work, W2 jobs and kid activities and horseback camp and festivals. Everything is expensive and it feels like we will never catch up.

My alarm clock is set to 3:45 most mornings, because early to bed and early to rise makes a woman cranky, productive, and wise. Or…at least cranky and productive.

I’m using Mint religiously, and on Wednesday I’ll check out my net worth. Has it gone up? Gone down? It feels like the debt never ends, but maybe I’m wrong. This is exciting! Not exciting enough for me to actually figure it out early, though.

I’m baaaaaaaaaack!

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