Freelancing my life away

In January, I set what seemed to be a totally reasonable, useful freelancing goal: $2000 a month, on average, including both major companies. Company B, which doesn’t even feel like work, typically has a project worth about $500 (usually more, but I plan on $500). That leaves $50 a day or so for Company A, which feels like work, but $50 a day is doable. I’ve got three kids and a full-time job and a house to take care of and a nutjob puppy and don’t forget about health and wellness and all those Facebook posts telling me to date my husband.

$2000. Reasonable. Then March came and I had made an enormous miscalculation and it suddenly became apparent that all of those “I think we can manage another $100 a month” payment plans were out of control, and taxes were out of control, and we have a fancy new bathroom but it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more expensive than I wanted. I wouldn’t consider any of it frivolous (most of the payment plans were for things like solar panels and waterproofing the basement and brain surgery, taxes are…not frivolous, and the floor was rotting in the bathroom so better to take care of it in one fell swoop). But it came to a head and it was crappy.

So I rejiggered my spreadsheet, consolidated credit cards to 0% cards, rejiggered some more, and reconsidered my freelance goal: I would have to do a minimum of $3500 a month. This is not outside of the realm of possibility; last year I made almost $50K. But it was outside the established “I need to not drive myself insane” goals I had also set. Alas, sanity doesn’t pay the bills.

At any rate, it’s October, and I’ve hit my goals every month so far. This is a long way of saying that my September invoice with Company A was $3515.93 (I didn’t have anything with Company B in September, and won’t in October, really, but will have two projects in November).

My spreadsheet tells me that if I continue this pace for another year, we’ll be in okay shape, especially if we don’t do any major projects. A year seems like a long, long time, but in March, it was a year and a half, so. Doable. The question is “especially if we don’t do any major projects.” Christmas is already done, but we have kids’ birthdays coming up and the lawn mower died on my last trip around the yard.

At any rate, $3500. Month by month by month, it’s working.

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