Behind behind behind

It’s almost halfway through the month, and I am not almost halfway to my freelance goal.

I’d like to say that the month has been crazy, and it kind of has been, and it kind of hasn’t been – in many ways it is just a typical month. I’m also taking a full 24 hours off later this month for a ladies’ weekend (well, the other ladies are going for a weekend, I’m going for 24 hours), so making up for the lost time seems impossible. That said, I often feel this way mid-month.

Today and tomorrow I have more free time than usual, so I’m going to attempt to put the pedal to the medal. I mean, put the metal to the pedal. I mean what the everloving heck does that even mean? Driving? Gas pedal? To the…metal floor? Dear lord, how have I never examined my own speech before.

At any rate, if I wanted to catch up today, I’d have to make $214 before sundown. I’ve taken on $122 worth of jobs and I have never missed a deadline in two years, so I’ll definitely do that. If I can make $150 today, and $150 tomorrow, I’ll be much closer to being on track…

I guess the point of this post is, here’s a freelance update: I’m not doing well enough, gotta get my nose back to the grindstone, okay byeeeeee.

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