When it rains, it pours

Remember when I was behind behind behind? Nineteen days ago? Well.

I’ve caught up. I’m caught up and I’m on track to hit $3500 for the month, if not more, with Company A. There’s a small problem, and it’s this:

Company C, which only hits me up a couple of times a year, has hit me up. And it’s awesome, because the work is well-written and interesting and enjoyable. But it’s not awesome because the turnaround is only a couple of days, and those couple of days are these couple of days.

Which is okay. It’s fine. I’m totally fine. Things are fine.

But it’s an intense couple of days, and I have to turn my full attention to this file, and the payment will probably be something like $700 so it’s worth it. Except they don’t pay for 60 days, so I still have to somehow manage to keep Company A going strong, because I need the money to keep coming in to pay next month’s bills.

Meanwhile, Company A is slammed with jobs and I keep seeing documents that I would normally snatch up, things I could quickly finish to meet my daily goal, get ahead of my daily goal, hit my monthly goal and then reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelax for like three days at the end of October (yes, that’s exactly how it would happen, keep dreaming). Instead, I’m barely managing what I have, work work work work work, and juggling Company C as well.

Oh, and Company B is going to send me a new file in a day or two, but I’ll have two weeks for that, so I can push that back until the job with Company C is done.

At any rate, the difficulty of freelance work is that when you have a lot of it it feels like you’re drowning and when you don’t have much it feels like you are dying of thirst. Right now, I’m not thirsty, not even a little bit.

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