Every day I’m hustling

I am admittedly terrible at some FI things. I travel even though I have debt, I have debt, I accidentally buy Starbucks sometimes, I have debt, I flew to the beach for a day, I buy my kids too many presents, I have an expensive nutjob puppy, I have debt.

But I have knocked it out of the park with freelancing and, even though I expected to fall short mid-month, just like I always do, I am going to hit my goal, just like I always do.

I needed to make $3500 with Company A for October – I’m definitely going to make it (my “goal” in the screenshot above is $3300 because I always qualify for a $200 bonus). I also just invoiced $550 for Company C, which won’t arrive for two months (and will give me some breathing room when we are at Disney World!), and I’m halfway through a manuscript that will be about $500 from Company B (to arrive mid-to-late November, so that will reduce some November pressure). So not only will I meet my October goal, I’ve done extra work that will ease up some of the pressure for the future.

Literally every day I’m side hustling. But literally it’s allowing us to slowly dig ourselves out of these holes and slowly add to our net worth, so. Here’s to another decent month’s worth of work on the books.

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