Mid-month freelancing check-in

First – my friend’s daughter was found, safe and sound, and life has never been sweeter.

Okay, back to regularly scheduled programming.

Typically, when I check in with my freelancing mid-month, I feel like I’m screaming into an abyss. Hooooow am I supposed to meet my goals? There’s not enough time in the time! Not enough hours in the hours or minutes in the minutes!

But somehow, this month, I am kicking rear and taking names. Not really, I don’t believe in violence and most of this stuff is semi-anonymous. Still, I’m doing great.

My goal for this month (and every month for the next year at least) is to make $3500 total in freelancing. That typically works out to about $500 from my U.S.-based company, and $3000 from the international one. Here it is, November 15, and I’m about to send off an invoice for about $550 for U.S.-based company (done!), and I’ve logged about $1850 for the international one. I know that I’m going to have some slow days in the next few weeks (my sister is coming to visit, my kids have some recitals), but I have considerable leeway to slow down at this point, especially because I am fairly certain (okay, certainly certain) that I will qualify for a $200 bonus. That leaves me 15 days to make another $1000 and THAT is going to feel like a vacation.

I suspect I will take a few slow days, but also maintain a good overall clip, because the penalty for going over my goal is – more bills getting paid down. Since we had a big surprise car fix last month and it’s birthday season around here (almost done, almost done, but there are little things here and there that add up), anything extra is welcome.

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