ENW December 2019: $30,500

I was really going to just try not to do this. Forget about it. Plug my fingers in my ears and pretend like it’s not happening. But. It’s happening. Time marches on and blah blah blah.

Now: some excuses. I spent too much money on Black Friday but a lot of it was things like a bed for Viv who can’t sleep in a toddler bed anymore because she hasn’t been a toddler for half a decade. Trundle, because we have three kids sharing one room because even though we make stupid Black Friday decisions, we also are the cheapest people in America when it comes to housing. So go ahead and judge me for not snagging a used mattress out of some bed-bug ridden trash pile, I’m fine, TOTALLY FINE, with spending hard-earned money for a bed that allows us to keep all three girls in one bedbug-free room.

Hey-oh, somebody’s feeling defensive!

At any rate, it’s the first of the month and I might as well not put it off. November sucked so bad. Everything broke. I had to pay up on preschool which I kind of pretended wasn’t a thing for a few months. My husband started an online course that he’s going to get reimbursed for…in February. I spent something like 8 trillion dollars on Black Friday and only 4 trillion of that was stuff that I legitimately needed. Oh! And my student loan payments are going up by $250 a month this month. HOOOOOOOORAY.

Anyway, ENW at the start of November was $25,000.

As of a few seconds ago, Mint thinks my net worth is $50,734.44 An increase of about $4K since Mint’s opinion in November, as though it could have gone up by anything. Mint, I think you had a bit too much wine at Thanksgiving.

Here’s what Mint doesn’t know: I have about $22,500 in no-interest cards (Citi card, Bank of America, Home Depot). So…just from those balances, my net worth is down to about $27,500.

But that’s not all! I have about $25K in my husband’s retirement account, but I owe about $21,000 in home improvement loans (solar panels, waterproofing the basement), $700 in brain surgery debt. So in this paragraph, I am down $22K, up $25K, so an increase in $3K from the previous paragraph.

So: $30,500!

This seems really unlikely. Part of it is that some of the credit card stuff from Black Friday, and our grocery bill from Thanksgiving, haven’t posted yet on the cards. Another part of it is that somehow, Mint thinks our house is worth more than it thought it was last month. We are contributing to retirement accounts, but I would feel good breaking even this month. It may be that all of our sins from this month will actually hint next month.

Aside from the sins, though, I’m pretty well set this month for freelancing, and I have a $700 check that should come in January that I’ve already done the work for (so it will be extra), and the reimbursement for my husband’s course should come in February, and hopefully we’ll have some slow months to absorb those sins.

I paid off our Lowe’s card, and Home Depot is down to $150. Then PMI goes away, then my brain surgery bill disappears. We’re moving in the right direction, even if it’s slow. I’ve been doing great with freelancing, and month by month, we’re moving closer to where I can feel good about our situation.

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