November freelancing totals: $5,141.91.

On the journey to financial independence, there are mountains and valleys. Deserts and oases. Black Fridays and salary raises. What I’m trying to say here is that I’ve been feeling cra-a-a-a-a-a-ppy about finances in the last month or so, after a period of several months where it was okay but not great, after several months of awful. Today, though. Today’s an oasis.

Somehow, last month I managed to blow through my freelancing goals, which are lofty and always feel unattainable at the start of the month. For now and the foreseeable future, my goal is typically around $3,000 in freelancing, broken down into about $2,500 from Company A, about $500 from Company B.

Well, dear reader. Watch me pat myself on the back.

My invoice from Company A just got posted: $4,041.83. From Company B, I had two jobs, for a total of $1,028.08. Plus $72 for a one-off job. A total of $5,141.91. I’m off to a good start for December already – I just submitted an invoice to Company B for about $680, with another job coming in in a week, and I’ve done $502 for Company A. In January, too, we will be getting an extra $700 from a separate job that I did. Even with holiday “time off” (note: I don’t usually actually take time off, but I do scale back when we travel), the money coming in in January should be just fine.

This does not completely make up for the frivolous spending, or the surprise car trouble on top of surprise everything trouble, or the debt we have gotten ourselves into, or the trillions of dollars we’ve spent on caring for dependent family members, or the big increase in student loan payments, or the one-day trip to Florida, or the “you’re in debt so you shouldn’t go to Disney World” choice, or the packable puffer vest I bought for myself on Black Friday for no good reason. But today. Today is an oasis.

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