Holly jolly Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve eve, I think. Monday? Who knows. I’m at my parents’ house and it is mass chaos, and I’m freelancing in the margins but mostly forgetting what day it is. I do not feel smug about having a minimalist Christmas, because I didn’t, but I do feel good about the fact that last night, when my brother was hosting a laser dance party for the under-10 crowd, I spotted a dead opossum in the yard.

Coming from a vegetarian softie that might be a weird Christmas feel-good point but here’s the beauty. After I had taken a picture of it to show my siblings, and made sure it was really truly dead, five minutes later I walked back to the spot and it was gone.

Resurrection! Or, as Amelia says when she is trying to be like her big sisters who prank each other, “he cranked you!”

Anyway, there’s too much materialism, pie, family time, and opossums to worry about finances at the moment. Merry holidays!

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