The past week was exhausting. Night after night after night of non-stop puking child, fevers, air mattress squishes. We had 8 kids under 10 for a few days and I don’t know if you know this about kids, but when they aren’t screaming with each other they are screaming at each other and whoooooboy it could be a lot.

But it was also amazing. I never feel as refreshed as I do after spending time with my siblings, even if we are just, as my sister-in-law said once while my brother and I did freelance work next to each other on the couch, engaged in parallel play.

It was wonderful and perfect and exactly what I needed to end the year. Because now it’s 2020, and I bet I’m supposed to have financial New Year’s resolutions and want to lose 20 pounds or whatever, so it’s vital to be refreshed for January 1.

I don’t think I have any New Year’s resolutions. I have a spreadsheet of set-in-excel monthly goals, so that’s pretty clear. I’ve decided I don’t give a crap about weight and am satisfied with my exercise regimen. My kids are happy and hearty and kind. I’m fulfilled at work and have managed to double my income with a side hustle.

So my resolution I guess is a non-resolution. It’s to grab hold of these feelings of refreshment when they come. To emulate that opossum that I was 100% sure was dead dead dead and pop up when the coast is clear and go out on my merry way. We have too much debt and not enough retirement and make poor choices and it’s way too late to retire by 40. But guess what mother suckers, I’m alive! This is just my playing opossum phase.

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