ENW January 2020: $37,400.

It’s a new month! A new year! A new decade! Same old me.

Just so we’re all on the same page, I spend too much money, on my kids, mostly. Okay! It’s nice to get that out of the way.

ENW at the start of December was $30,500.

We are moving out of the spendy time of year, sort of, because Christmas is over, birthdays are paid for for the most part, holiday travel is done, presumably there’s nothing I need to pay for except groceries and gas until the summer. Oh except preschool, and soccer fees, and flat tires, and why is life so expensive. At any rate, I keep thinking “today’s the start of the non-spendy time.” I think that in the morning, and then by night I’ve changed it to, “tomorrow’s the start of the non-spendy time.” Here’s hoping.

As of a few seconds ago, Mint thinks my net worth is $55,899.88. That is an increase of about $5K since the start of November. I don’t get it, but okay.

Here’s what Mint doesn’t know: I have about $22,500 in no-interest credit card debt. I also shamedly owe about $400 in store cards and you can go ahead and judge me for that, go for it. It is what it is and it was what it was and we’re all doing the best we can. That brings that fancy net worth from Mint down to $32,900.

And I have about $25K in my husband’s retirement account, but I owe $20K in home improvement loans and am down to about $500 in brain surgery payments. So in this paragraph, plus $4,500.

So. $37,400??????????

I mean, we do contribute to our retirement every month (although I haven’t checked my husbands actually in awhile, so it’s not like that is growing in my calculations). And things that I don’t think about in terms of debt reduction – like paying toward our car loan or our mortgage or student loans or whatever – helps to bring our net worth up.

But I’ve been really, really bad. Today I spent a hundred stinking dollars at Walmart buying bullcrap clearance candy and 75% off spa things for Sonya’s upcoming birthday and stocking stuffers for next year. A hundred dollars. A hundred dollars on a day that started out with me thinking, “today’s the start of the non-spendy time.” Sigh.

It feels like, at any moment, the house of cards could come tumbling down. But I guess we’re in the red every month, or in the black, I can’t remember which is which, but whatever it is, I guess we’re moving in the right direction. In one month, we will have paid off my husband’s physical therapy bill, one more month until Home Depot is gone gone gone, one more month until we can finally get rid of our PMI. But, don’t worry! It looks like we’re going to have back surgery and braces on the horizon, so the juggling never stops. In the meantime. $37,400 seems pretty okay.

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